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Lift Planning


Lift planning is an integral part of the pre-construction process.  It adds another layer of safety while lowering costs and increasing the  productivity of field operations.

Sufficient  planning and supervision are necessary in preventing crane accidents. If  something goes wrong, the result is likely to be disastrous. Severe  damage to property with risk of injury or loss of life is a real  possibility. 

Good planning not only protects cranes but also the people  working around them. When used correctly with a trained and competent  crew, cranes can be effective, safe pieces of equipment.

If you have a project that involves a lift that is out of you usual scope, let us help in the planning process.

Lift Supervision


Do you have a project that requires in the field guidance and mentorship of existing supervision, or requires experience and expertise not available within your organization currently and wish to outsource the supervision responsibilities?

Feel free to contact us and see if we can help you ensure that your lifts are supervised by competent personnel.

We have experience in lift supervision and hold valid certification as well as being listed as a verified Rigging Superintendent on the Maximum Reach website.

Rigging Training


Rigging training is critical to ensuring the safety of hoisting operations performed by your organization.

We can work with you to train your workforce and ensure that your personnel are more competent in the craft of rigging.

We can tailor our training to your organization and needs.

Rigging Inspection

Basic Rigging Techniques

Advanced Rigging Techniques


Theory and hand-on training options available.




Cody Stern - Maximum Reach Class A Rigging Superintendent

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